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Menu Desserts Pacini croustade pommes caramel
Menu Desserts Pacini croustade pommes caramel



  • Apple Crumble and Caramel Sauce 10

    Served with ice cream

  • Chocolate Delight 12

    Moist chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, chocolate crumble and ice cream

  • Maple Cassata 13

    Cream cheese, maple cream, amaretto syrup and pistachios

Menu Desserts Pacini cassata érable
  • Dolci 4.25
    2 for 8

    Brownies, Choco-caramel Cheesecake, Field Berry Cheesecake, Lemon Pie, Maple Bread Pudding, Tiramisu

Menu Desserts Pacini dolci
Ask your server for available varieties.
  • Mango Sorbetto
    (Sealed container)

No gluten, dairy products,
eggs, nuts or peanuts.

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  • Mango Sorbetto (regular) 8


  • Chamomile Citrus * 4
  • Organic Sencha Green Tea 4
  • English Breakfast Black Tea 4
  • Organic Earl Grey 4

    *Caffeine free


(Served hot or cold)

Menu Desserts Pacini infusions groupe menu dessert
  • Energizing Ginger * 4
  • Fresh Mint * 4

    *Caffeine f ree


  • Caffè latte Cup 5.50
    Bowl 6.50
  • Cappuccino 5
  • Espresso 3.75
    Double 4.75
  • Espresso Macchiato 4


  • Amaretto 9
  • Cognac 11
  • Grand Marnier 11
  • Grappa 10
  • Porto 9
  • Sambuca 9


  • Brazilian Caffè 12

    Brandy, Tia Maria, Grand Marnier

  • Scottish Caramel Caffè 12

    Dr. McGillicuddy's Butterscotch Spirit-based cocktail, Brandy

  • Spanish Caffè 12

    Brandy, Tia Maria

  • Italian Caffè 12

    Brandy, Amaretto Miele

Menu Desserts Pacini italian caffe
  • Sortilège Caffè 12

    Maple Cream, Brandy

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Our products may have come in contact with allergenic ingredients with the exception of Solo Fruit’s products. Solo Fruit prepares its products according to a rigorous and reliable process to assure allergen control. Pacini also takes maximum precautions to reduce the risk of cross contamination. However, despite all of these measures, zero risk does not exist. We cannot be held responsible for any incident related to the consumption of these products.

Menu prices and menu items are subject are subject to change without prior notice.

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